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Email Database of Over 700k Nigerians Free Download for Marketing Purpose

Over 700k active Nigerian email – Free Download

Consider yourself very lucky for having visited this page, as you’re about to discover a vital tool needed in order to market you products to Nigerians and skyrocket your sales.

Have you ever tried to market your services to Nigerians and you weren’t able to make a single sale?


Do you have issues marketing or getting more sales for your product?

Then have got you covered with a valid email addresses of Nigerians, this email database consist of over 700k emails bought from a renown Nigeria internet marketer. The email database is only for marketing purpose and the buyer is responsible for any outcome, if the email addresses are used otherwise.

The best way to use this email addresses is to have a particular product you want to sell or market to this email addresses, whether physical products (Clothing’s, jewelleries or food items) or digital products such as (Hot selling eBook, audio and video course kit)

In short you need this Email addresses to boost your internet marketing business, due to the fact that, having this emails gives you a leverage to access over 700,000 customers which you can always market and sell your product to, any time any day, from the front desk of your room.

NOTE: If you just want to get this email addresses just to scam Nigerians i.e. sell fake products, don’t bother as your mails might end up being delivered in spam folders.

If you need further enlightenment on how to make use of this email database tool, contact me.


This email database is 100% genuine and 2017 updated, you don’t have anything to lose by getting this highly benevolent tool as it’s gone a long way to skyrocket the sales of every product you sell.


Having bought the email database for over ₦48,000 from a renowned Nigerian internet marketer, if I decided to sell it for ₦20,000 am justified but I won’t sell it that high just to encourage upcoming internet marketers.

So due to my altruistic side i.e. always wanting to help others, I will sell it for a non-negotiable token of ₦7,000. Not




The ₦7,000 price is just to a consideration for new comer in the internet marketing and online business, and you won’t always see this offer at this price forever.


Pay the exact sum of ₦7,000 into the below bank account and send the details of your payment to taiwopublishing@gmail.com or call/message 07032723692. You will get the download link sent to your email address within 10 minutes of confirming your payment.

GTBank Taiwo Ibiyemi. 0050188348

NOTE: Send us the exact name of sender alongside your email address after making payment for immediate access to the download link.

You don’t have to panic we offer 100% money back guarantee if we don’t deliver this product, and you can as well contact us on 07032723698 if you want a one on one transaction.


Always at your financial success,

Best regard,
Taiwo Ibiyemi

PS: You won’t always see this  forever, so take action now and don’t miss this life time opportunity.

PPS: You have to learn more to earn more, don’t have yourself to blame if you never see this benevolent product again.

The only difference between you and the rich man next door is information, always value learning over earning.

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